Week 1-

We got into town on Sunday morning (so I guess it hasn’t actually been a full week yet).

It was so hard not to drive all the way down to Aletheia or stay in town a little longer with family, but we were moving that day.  We needed to move.  We had said our goodbyes, no need to delay…  I was surprisingly unemotional in comparison to what I thought I would be like.  I didn’t even cry.

I just have/had so many thoughts, emotions, and ideas running in my mind and I guess you could say that pure thankfulness and gratefulness (to a God who provides our needs and then some) is taking over more than sadness, missing, what-ifs, etc.  When the peace of the Lord rules over your life it is harder not to just trust where He leads, than be sad about what or who you are leaving.  He led us here, to Newport News, VA.

I didn’t stop unpacking from 1:30pm to 10:30pm except when my poor husband reminded me he was hungry for dinner.  Whoops!  We’ve been eating off placemats on the ground (don’t feel sorry for us, Mr. Downs is building us a beautiful table by his own two hands-I’ll eat off the ground for a year to have something that special).  Think of all the meals, memories, mistakes, etc that will be made around that table! Ah I love it.

We found a super deal on a couch and chair on craigslist.  Originally bought at $2500 (I’m sorry- WHAT? Who pays that much for couches?)  They were asking $400, I wrote the guy and was like look I don’t want to spend more than $200 and I realize that is half of your asking price, but if you can’t sell them by whenever you need them gone, let me know.  He wrote back and said I could have them for my asking price and offered to deliver for $20!  How awesome!  As my dad would say, “Trace she’s got a mouth” (haha sister you will appreciate that).  My dad has a lot of fun sayings.

Anyway, I’m trying to be good with money and spending etc.  I promised Micah if we got the 2-br place I wouldn’t go to the store to fill it up (I didn’t even need to!).  Our apartment is super cute, and thanks to family and friends we haven’t bought anything but the couches.  It’s hand-me-down (mostly from my Aunt Linda), wedding presents, wedding gift cards, etc.  So thanks everybody!

Micah has been to two churches down here, I’ve only been to one.  We also checked out a kingdom group (aka bible study) the other night.  Today Micah had lunch with a guy from there.  We got to exchange some information with other married couples there so that was neat.  I’m trying as Micah would say “to approach every option with grace and discernment” rather than being critical because it doesn’t meet the standards that I got being at Aletheia… haha well even if I have high standards my whole life, I wouldn’t trade that biblical training for anything!

Work has been a pretty easy adjustment for me.  I was already working for the company for two weeks before we moved here.  It is only three minutes from my house and in one of the cutest parts of town.  Plus, I have double screens here on my desk.  Whoa- that makes work a whole lot faster!  The office environment is pretty laid back.  The graphic artists are a hoot.  They have taco bell Tuesday, wear a tie Wednesday, they play darts every afternoon… yeah it’s pretty hilarious.  Plus, two people I had class with in graduate school work here so it is nice to see familiar faces even if I don’t work directly with them.  I love being salaried.  If I wanna come in at 7 and leave at 3, 8 and leave at 4, etc I can.  As long as I get my hours and work in, it’s nice.

There is a holiday party at work tomorrow, and then this thing in town called “HollyDazzle” (yeah, not sure… we’re gonna check it out though).

Micah is fine, in case anyone is asking at this point “what about him?”  He adjusts extremely well.  He is getting school work done, being a sweetheart doing miscellaneous things while I’m at work, takes me to work and picks me up, makes me breakfast, etc  🙂  He will probably look into jobs soon, and he even promised to make a guest writer appearance on the blog!  Whooo- look out for that one in the next month or so.

Even though I’m (we’re) doing well, sometimes the tears do well up in me…

– like when we were at a church on Sunday morning and the PPT for the worship songs had blue mountains in the background.  Three thoughts- 1) why am I not just paying attention to the lyrics and singing my heart out for my God? 2) I’ll miss those mountains 3) Aletheia would never put mountains on the background of our PPTs. LOL

– like when the a lady at bible study was a good mix of Ann Kiracofe and Ashlee Proffitt.  At one second I was so happy of a reminder of them, and the next I was sad that it wasn’t them.

– like when I think about not getting to see my best friends fall in love, or their children grow up, or that church grow, or the lives that have changed so much (I love seeing people grow in love with the Word and the Author of it).

– like when Bill and Cindy send us a beautiful looking and smelling wreath with a sweet note about missing, loving, and praying for us on our new mission field.

The knot in my throat is getting pretty large now, so I’ll stop. 

Thanks for caring enough to read!  If you want our address send an email to: MicahandSarahDowns@gmail.com


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  1. Nice blog entry! You have such a great perspective on everything. You are such a light – a star in my book =) I might have to steal that third paragraph for my blog…

  2. encouraged everytime i read these posts. praying i will make half the wife you are.

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