NEW York & NEWport NEWs.  Who kNEW? (God did).

Sorry I had to. 


I was in New York this weekend with my mama and sister seeing shows, her new grounds, an old college roommate, and eating way too many good things.  My sweet, sweet man and his friends were in Newport News having their traditional “friendsgiving” and unpacking our apartment!  I know, he is amazing, and so are they (thank you all so much).  I can’t wait to put our new little home together.  We’re both in route to Winchester right now, to sleep under the same roof. YESSSS.  I’m addicted to him and three nights is just a long time away from him.


So besides that, there is a lot to share I guess…  My life went from looking at leaves, taking walks, baking/cooking, and reading my bible to a wild ride!  You see, I started working remotely a week after I accepted the job offer.  I think I forgot about the cleaning, packing, etc that comes along with moving.  I’m just thankful they let me work 40 hours whenever so I can try and get it all done.

So I am 2 weeks into work without even being there yet!

Let me give you short version of what I do as an Instructional Designer at C2 Technologies.  We work on performance enhancement.  So for example, my first project (I just realized because of confidentiality and who we work with I can’t give a whole lot of information…) is basically taking 200+ pg documents for 11 learning modules and we will turn them into effective, efficient learning tools.  For example, we’ll take it up a couple levels and add cool graphics, learning objectives, audio, video, interactive learning… Check out some of their past projects on their website to get a visual idea.  Sometimes I feel like I’m reading my college notes because they coincide so well.  At other times I feel like a failure.  My task manager is nice to remind me that I am doing a good job for never working with any of the processes we work with.

My official office start date is November 29.  So this Sunday, we’ll head on down after spending a week with family.


Our apartment as I mentioned about a 3 minute driving commute.  WHOOO. 

Lauren and my mama actually found this apartment a couple weeks ago when we went down to research and pick up my laptop.  However, the office was closed that day so we couldn’t look inside or talk to anyone.  Micah and I kept it on “our list” and checked it out when we went down with his parents the following weekend.  It’s a little more expensive then we wanted it to be, but in the end I think we made a decision we’ll be content with for the next 15 months.

The apartment has a pool, tennis ct, racquetball ct, hot tub, gym, volleyball ct, playground (for when all my friends that have children come visit), and lots of trees all over the neighborhood!  Oh, and there is a fireplace in the living room!  It is only 2 miles from CNU, so hopefully we’ll be able to meet a lot of college students. 


I can’t wait to learn more about my God, minister for Him, meet people that love Him, meet people that don’t and try and let them see Him and all His glory.  I prayed God wouldn’t move me away from the place where I met Him and ministered with His servants; fell in love, etc unless I got to know Him better. I guess I’m going to get to know Him better! What more could I ask for?!


I have mixed emotions (of course) and I’m sure I’ll write more about that later.  I’ve never moved to a place where I had no girlfriends…  Don’t get me wrong, I’m moving with Micah and that is amazing.  It’s just going to be really different.  I haven’t really had time to process everything.  When God gets the ball rolling, it rolls fast, and I’m rolling right with it.  In fact… since February, I have rolled a lot, I…

–          got engaged. (February)

–          finished my Master’s degree. (May)

–          moved out of my house the week before I graduated. (May)

–          moved in with Lauren. (May)

–          moved in with my parents. (June)

–          got married.  (June)

–          moved all over the Western part of the country (our honeymoon- we had at least 20 “beds”). (July)

–          moved into the cabin. (August)

–          started a job remotely. (November)

–          moved to Newport News.(November)

I had three months of what some might call waiting… and it was, for sure.  It was also three months of rest though.  Of peaceful, beautiful, quiet rest that Micah and I might never have again.  We learned a lot.  I’ll always cherish those months.

This life is an adventure!  Glory to Yah forever.


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