Glory Story.

Let me tell you one?  Did you read the last blog? 

The morning after it was posted I received a job offer.

Is He good or what?

Here is how it happened,

About 4 weeks ago I was starting to get discouraged about not finding or hearing back from any job prospects.

Micah told me to contact my professors.  I told him I had already and they would probably send me something if they heard of anything because they like us to get jobs.  It makes the program look good. =) He told me to contact them again anyway.

So I did.  Dr. Thall told me C2 Technologies Inc. was hiring for designers and that I should contact them and also mentioned to contact one of my cohorts and ones from previous years worked there.  I contacted my friend Will.  I didn’t even know he worked there, I thought he joined the army or something.

Will contacted Jen right away.  She said to have me send in work samples and a resume right away.  We corresponded for a couple weeks.  I went in for an interview on Oct.18th (I just so happened to be in the VA beach area for a friend’s wedding).  I thought the interview went pretty well.  They said I wouldn’t hear back for two weeks, as they just won a bunch of contracts and needed to convince upper management that they needed more designers for the new work.

Two weeks went by and I didn’t hear anything.  So I emailed on Monday and asked about the status.  I didn’t hear back until Tuesday.  She said they hadn’t had the hiring needs meeting yet and to keep in touch.

I started looking for a job anywhere in Harrisonburg.  I love Harrisonburg.  I love my church.  I love my friends.  I love the mountains.  Everything.  I was trying to convince myself that babysitting (I even joined SitterCity, have yall heard of that?!) or being a Starbucks barista(mmm free caffeine goodness) would be fine.  It would just take longer to pay off debt (my goal is 2-3 years).  I asked people to let me know if they heard anything and to spread the word that I needed something, pray, etc.

I prayed, embarrassingly more than I have in a while (for myself anyway).  I didnt pray for prosperity, but for His will.

I told Him I trusted Him with what would happen. 

I had been mentally preparing to leave the cabin regardless of whether I had a job or not so that we don’t take advantage of the family’s generosity.  Tuesday night, the amazing family that owns the cabin we have been staying in messaged and said it would be great if they could have the cabin back by December 12th

I went to bed thinking, okay, this is good- I have a little over a month.  I work well with deadlines anyway and now God knows the date I need a place and preferably a job to help pay for the place by (as if He didn’t know already or something). 

Wednesday I was preparing to go home to see my mom to get all my loan information so I could consolidate, yada yada yada.  Before I went home, I drove to the little library at Bryce and right when I put the car in park I got a phone call, from a 757 unidentified number.

It was Jen.  She was calling to offer me the job.  Could I start Monday?

I hung up.  Called Micah.  Called my mom crying and asked mom when I come home tonight, can we also go “new work clothes” shopping?  She cried.

Sometimes He just needs to teach us before He leads us and not sometimes, but always He likes to be glorified in our lives.  I hope you can see Him in this story. 

It has nothing to do with me.  Some of you may see this chain of events as lucky circumstances or think I deserve it cause I went to school or something.  I don’t.  I don’t deserve anything.  This is an awesome story of His providence and if you look hard, or actually, not hard at all, you can see His hand in the “random” (yeah right) chain of events.

Loans just happened to come in this month.

We just happen to need to be out of the cabin by next month.

Man, I just love how He makes things happen.

The logistics-

If you are still reading by now, thanks!  That means you are interested in our lives. 

I don’t start work Monday, I start Wednesday.  Monday I am driving down to Newport News to check out apartments, sign my offer letter, pick up a laptop, come home, etc.

Come home you say?  Yep, they are letting me telecommute till I can get down there.  Micah needs to give two weeks notice to the lab; we need to find a place, move, etc.

So we don’t know when we are moving for sure.  By the end of the month no doubt…

Ill save the tears for then, for now I am stoked, astonished, thankful and so grateful.

ps:  mom did take me clothes shopping.  I am Ann Taylor Loft decked out.


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  1. I read the whole way this story is a great testimony to the love that the Lord has for you and the great and perfect plan he has for you and Micah! more affirmation to come I am sure:)

  2. Yahoo again!!!!

  3. “I am Ann Taylor Loft decked out.”

    That is amazing. =) So jealous! haha.

    Go God.

  4. YAY!!! Congrats pretty lady.

  5. Go GOD! Thanks for sharing your God testimony.

  6. Congrats to you! I am so happy for you. You definitely have His favor!

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