Latest Happenings.

First, how is it November?  Is my whole life going to go by this quickly?  I mean He does say our life is like a vapor…  Nonetheless, our 4-month anniversary just passed and that seems pretty crazy.  I love fall, especially in Virginia.  I make all things pumpkin (muffins, bars, cookies, whoopee pies).  Dinners are always comforting (soup, chili, venison, chicken n dumplings).  We go on hikes; the valley is amazing this time of year.  I also started falling for my husband in the fall, so the crisp air, smell of fallen leaves, and smoke out of the chimney or campfire, the feel of a warm fleece jacket, when I see him with his cute bandanas on.  It all brings me back to the first time I noticed him.

Second, still no job.  I have been in kind of a rut.  I guess I just assumed I would have one by now.  I guess I didn’t think maybe Abba wanted to teach me patience, to learn to trust Him, to learn that things don’t always work out the way they do in my little head {We get back from the honeymoon, I get a job within a month, we pay off MY school loans, we save, have a couple kids, and go do missions work overseas, adopt a kid, and… that is as far as I got.} Well, yeah obviously that is not the case right now.  However, this position I’m in is a good reminder that God is faithful.  Our days are numbered and planned before we are created (Psalm 139 which my husband lovingly read to me when I had a anxious moment).  I am sure God is not surprised or unaware of my circumstance right now.  In fact, He has me in it for His good work to be accomplished in me and carried out for Him.  I also just read God’s Guidance: A Slow and Certain Light by Elizabeth Elliott.  It was full of amazing examples of personal stories and stories from the bible about God’s guidance.  He is our Shepherd.  He doesn’t forget, why do we?

In the mean time, I am thoroughly enjoying being a stay at home wife.  I love serving my husband. I hope I can support him throughout our whole lives.  To tell ya the truth I probably will do that better not investing 40+ hours a week in other things…

Third, Micah continues to be amazing.  He works his tail off, with full time schoolwork and a M-F workweek.  Never once has he asked me what I do all day in a cabin by myself, why I haven’t found a job yet, etc.  He is actually really encouraging.  Telling me to get to know God and the bible.  Reminding me that if we have kids or go on a missions trip some day.  Those people are going to take what I say about God and His word as authority.  Especially, if they have never heard anything else… I need to know Him of whom I speak.  I also need to know what I’m talking about and be prepared for tons of questions.

Fourth, lately I have been thinking about how to witness to people from my past. Micah and I got to talking about future mission work. I went to bed kind of upset with myself; I don’t have enough of a passion to call out to the lost.  I even said,  “if I don’t even tell people now, how am I supposed to give up everything and move to a place where that is my sole purpose every day”.  I’m praying for more boldness, for His will to be above my own, and to preach the word and quit being lackadaisical about it.  I prayed that I would care to tell people in my future about Christ as much as I care to tell people from my past about Him.

Fifth, with all that said.

We are joyful; our happiness doesn’t come from whether or not we’re making tons of money, moving up in our career, etc. 

We are thankful, not only to Him but to the many, many friends and family members that help us out on a daily basis.  You guys pray for us, bring food, give us a place to live, welcome us home, and so much more. 

We are grateful, beyond words.  I hope someday we are able to bless others the way you have blessed us. 

We are forgiven & loved, His unfailing love embraces us every single morning.  He put His son on the stake to justify us, to make us right with Him.

We are free; He expiated our sins as far as the east is from the west.

We are redeemed; we are His.

Will you pray for us? 

Pray for our future. 

Pray for clarity. 

Pray for decision-making (that it will be spirit led).

Pray for patience. 

Pray for opportunities.

Pray for contentment.

Pray that we as His sheep would trust His guidance or His silence for the time being.

Pray for God to be glorified in all of it.

PS: anyone know why WordPress wont let me upload pictures anymore?


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  1. My precious Sarah. With tears in my eyes, I just need to say “you are amazing”. I love you and Mr. Micah so very much and also love hearing about your lives together. Aunt Linda

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