My Car.

My posts are probably going to be a little sentimental this month.

Why?  Change.  It’s coming.  God has a beautiful, gentle, smooth way of preparing me and teaching me when and what I need to know and I know it’s coming.

And while I welcome change, I am not ashamed to say I get a little sentimental no matter how good the change may be.


For example, my car. 

My dad used to say, “learn to be one with your car”.  (Yeah I’m not sure either… 

I was cleaning it today and a million thoughts popped in my head. 


WARNING: Extreme Randomization and Over Spiritualizing Ahead

       It’s kind of true though.  I know exactly how that car drives.  Plus, I’m the only one that knows how to lock the trunk properly. 

o   God knows me inside and out.  When I’m aligned with Him it’s a good thing. 

       It has been with me for over 5 years. 

o   That means it has seen some secrets of my past and experienced the excitement of the present.  God willing it will drive me through a lot of the future too.  God has known me since the beginning of time even though I have only been getting to know Him for the last four years.

       It has to get inspected.  (Whoops… I think that was supposed to happen by now it is not 8/10 anymore.)

o   Doesn’t my heart, attitude, and actions need a little inspection from time to time?

       It has seen a lot of miles.

o   It moved all my stuff down 81 when I left the comforts of home for the first time into the unknown territory of a university and living in an apartment.  God has been with me through every heartbreak, every tear, every change, every feeling, everything!- even when I didn’t recognize it was Him bringing me through life.

       It has a lot of wear and tear.

o   I used to leave the sunroof open and it would rain.  I don’t clean it enough.  Life does that to a soul.  We’ve all seen a little wear and tear…

       It is scarred in a lot of places.  (Fender benders if you know what I’m saying and they weren’t all entirely my fault…)

o   Kind of like us when we don’t let Him heal our bruises, heartaches and pains.  Even when we do sometimes scars remain.

       It has a lot of crevices, cracks, etc that I just cant reach to clean it properly.

o   Reminds me that no 409 (yes I used that, its all I had) cleaner can do the job just right.   Just as self-help books, positive thinking, wealth, medication, etc don’t clean us up.  There is only one that can do this.  I call Him Savior.

       It was the first big thing I bought and paid off by myself.

o   It took me 5 years (cause I was a foolish teenager and spent my money on cigarettes, alcohol, movies, and clothes).  Christ finished the payment for us through His death, burial and resurrection.

       It protected me during an accident with a semi on I-81.

o   I went spinning across the interstate and landed in the median facing traffic.  A bystander said traffic never stopped coming and said he didn’t see how I didn’t get hit again.  I didn’t have a scratch; neither did the bumper of my Explorer.  It didn’t make sense.  God and His heavenly beings protect us.  He gives us His word as a weapon to be used against anything and anyone that tries to put us in harms way.

       My driving record has suffered because of it (sometimes I went a little too fast).

o   DMV let me take “driver’s improvement class” to help get rid of some of the points.  My insurance agency on the other hand is not as merciful.  Christ doesn’t let me race ahead or fail to go when He gives the green light. He also is good enough to give me red lights when I should know better.  Sometimes I just want to put cruise control on in certain areas of my life, but He makes sure when I need to I press that gas I will listen.


I’m getting ready for that green light.  I’m preparing myself for when He says Go.

Hey, I warned you didn’t I? 🙂

Also, go clean something today and meditate on God =)


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  1. Your so wise. I love listening to your thoughts. 😛

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