Day with the Dukes.

This past Saturday Micah and I had the privilege of participating in Day with the Dukes.  It is a day where Special Olympic children from all over Virginia get to come hang out with the Duke athletes for a day and then go to a football game at night.

Bill Evans, the man who married Micah and I started this event four years ago.  He is a psychology professor at JMU.  This year psychology student volunteers and AletheiaReach volunteers joined up to be buddies with all these kids, some of their parents, and a lot of their coaches. 

The morning started out at Aletheia where we did evangelism training.  AletheiaReach is “new” ministry team that focues on reaching out to our community.  The motto is “Serve the Burg” and the main verse is 1 Thess. 2:8 (which later that night after the game drew some interesting attention from a couple drunk students, I hope they read the rest of the verse and didn’t think we meant serve them any more drinks…haha)

Then we headed over to JMU to meet up with everyone.  Micah and I happened to be paired up with the group from Winchester!  How cool is that?  I even got to know one of the PE teachers at Millbrook that had been there the year I graduated.  She helps coach Special Olympics. 

Our day went something as follows:

First, we hung out with the football players.

That is where I did this:

I was playing football with some of my buddies.  I can throw but I cant catch.  I should work on that.

Second, we hung out with the basketball players.

Third, we hung out with the soccer players.

Fourth, we had a tailgating meal provided by Aramark. 

Last but not least we saw JMU’s football team beat Liberty.  Which ended with a pretty sweet display of fireworks.

Overall, it was a great day.  It was really neat to have two different groups come together and serve.  Those kids are awesome.  They have so much energy; I don’t know where they get it!  It was a longer day for them than it was for us.

I loved being reminded that God created all of us uniquely, wonderfully, and for specific purposes.  Praise Him for His handiwork in the lives of those you know, and your own!

ps: today marks three months of sweet marital bliss! =)


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  1. you guys are awesome.

  2. Sounds wonderful. I look forward to your next entry!!!! I really wanna get together soon.

  3. Thanks for being such wonderful servants for every child of God!


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