The Two became One Flesh.

Our wedding as stated before was the happiest day of my life.  My family has always called me a “happy day girl” because I used to wake up and rattle my crib saying “happy day” so my parents would come get me out.  

I always say when I’ve been smiling for a long time “my cheeks hurt”.  Frequently, while Micah and I were dating I would tell him that.  Our wedding day was no exception, and it wasnt only in front of Rothwell Photography.  We literally could not stop smiling.

Friday night, all my bridesmaids were able to come to town early, and we spent a night around Winchester.  We got “down nails” (Bella Galati’s terminology for pedicures) and “up nails” done (aka manicures).  Then we went to Piccadily’s for dinner.  When we got there the table was decorated out on the patio and “secret sneakers” had left us virgin strawberry daquris and quesadillas for appetizers.  yum!  We think it was Brittany’s mom and auntie Lindie because they had asked us where we were going for dinner… =)  While we were there we got a surprise visit from my brothers, Timmy had just flown in from CA!  After we had stuffed ourselves with food we went to Pack’s for ice cream.  When we got home I tried on my sari from Pastor Johnny (a pastor in India my daddy supports).  It was such a relaxing and fun evening with the girls!

Saturday morning was dress rehearsal at Khimara Farm.  So many special people were there for Micah and I to make sure my ocd tendancies could be hashed out.  We prayed, it was HOT, so we did a run through with me directing everyone.  Then we did a run through with Simone Bergey (our wonderful day of coordinator) directing and I had no part in it.  Everything went so smoothly.  So we headed over for our rehearsal lunch at the Victoria Inn in Luray.  Everything was so beautifully decorated and set up. Not to mention the food and service were awesome.  My mother in law did an amazing job making sure everything was special.  Micah’s brother Brodie made us an incredible slideshow, and we had some of our party give speeches.  It was truly unforgettable.

After that, we headed over to the Days Inn where lots of friends and family from out of town were gathering.  Micah had the idea to plan a cookout and at the time I couldnt see how it was going to happen.  I told him if he wanted to, he had to organize cause I was still doing wedding details.  He and his family and friends did an incredible job with the food, drinks, organization, etc.  We were all just hanging in our bathing suits, eating, playing volleyball, soccer, swimming, catching up with friends and family.  Talk about a great way to spend the night before you get married.  

Ladies headed to Beth’s to spend the night.  We pretty much talked, took showers, and went to bed.  In the morning Liz and Beth got in bed with me and we had girl talk and laughed, etc till it was time to get going.  Beth made us breakfast and Micah picked me up at 7:30 to head to church on Sunday morning (he really, really wanted to go to church together on our wedding day and since Aletheia was too far away, he found one in New Market).

When we got to church, they werent meeting in their usual sanctuary, it was their smaller one and over the door post was Psalm 100.  Such a happy moment for us (we frequently sing that).  Ask my old roommates.

After church I got dropped off with the girls to go get our hair done, have lunch, etc.  We had a little time to just sit and talk.  I practiced reading my vows to them making sure they would promise to get me through doing “all things” 😉

Then we went to the farm to do a walk through.  Our amazing family and friends said we werent allowed to help serve on our wedding day… so they had to keep me away from the farm. haha I showed up at like 3:3o to make sure things were set up, etc.  They did an absolutely beautiful job, I should have assumed, but I was speechless. =)  Right before I went into hiding, I ran to the farm’s gate to unlock it so that Micah and I could go hide and kiss for a minute after the wedding ceremony (haha I had been to the farm enough times to know secret spots).

secret spot at the end of the ceremony except Sasha found us =) Im kinda glad she did cause we have this special picture.

okay, so while Im in my dressing room we pray, get ready, etc.  it was hard not to bust out the doors and see everyone.

The ceremony.  It was everything I imagined and then some.  It seriously to me was perfect.  Our God was glorified.  A little side note: it was probably the hottest day of summer and very sunny.  Cloud coverage came at the exact time of the wedding, and so did thunder, lightning and rain in the far distance in the middle of the ceremony.  Except it wasnt that far, you could almost see the sheets of rain comimg our way.  I was thankful for the cooled down temps and shade for my guests but I really didnt want everyone getting soaked or cutting the ceremony short (that was the most important part for Micah and I).  So I start praying (Im sure others did too) Father, you parted the red sea and held off the waves just in time for the Egyptians, please please hold these off just a little longer.  He did.  The MINUTE our ceremony was over we had a light sprinkle and then the sun came back out.  He was so kind to answer my plea favorably.

The rest of the evening was so enjoyable.  We felt incredibly loved, cherished, supported, and adored by so many friends and family members.  

I cant post all the wedding pictures but see links below for more.

All courtesy of Rothwell Photography.

Micah & Sarah Wedding Pictures

Here are more.

thanks for journeying back to June with me!


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  1. Once again…I have tears! Such a beautiful three days and you are such a beautiful bride! Love you and I can’t wait to see you so we can talk.

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