Waiting Room.

I’m learning and I’m growing for what I cant be sure

The world outside my window is certainly a lure

Certainly the material side…

But also the call to lay down and die…

To suffer for His name sake

To set the captives free

Disciples we are called to make

Could He really mean that for me?

It seems I do a lot of taking

While hearts around the world are breaking

I reflect and think how my time and money could be spent

Forget the Starbucks latte they need a drink

And not just of clean water as many would think

But of the living word and so maybe Ill be sent…

If only they could have life through the one who laid down His own

Will I really cry about comfort when the Almighty is seated on His throne?

He hasn’t changed, He never will

And so I cant just say, “No thanks, I think I’ll sit still”

When I answer Him someday

I want to say, “I lived your way”

Not, “I was fine in the USA”

When deep down I know there were so many astray.

I can’t just let others proclaim

I should run the race, press on, and suffer for His name.

I’m in the waiting room

Getting ready to do work for my groom

Its time to lay down my pride

And act like I’m His bride



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