sometimes you just have to take a moment and smile.  sometimes you realize all you ever do is smile.   sometimes you are smiling out of sheer joy.  sometimes you show your teeth when you smile.  sometimes you just smile with your lips and your eyes.  

maybe that is why I am getting more crows feet around the corner of my eyes these days… here are some silly reasons Micah makes me smile.

1. He helps me see Christ in everything and everyone.

he is the most spiritually minded, gospel centered person I know.

2. He likes everything I make to eat. (except this pumpkin fudge I tried to make last year)

even when I am just “inventing” dinners out of whatever we have in the house so not to waste (cause that makes him smile).

3. He laughs at my goofy side and finds me adorable even at my “finest” moments.

I make up dances, faces, accents, etc…a lot.

4. He likes to sing psalms and hymns together, outside mostly.

even though neither of us can hardly carry a tune.  

5. He prays for me, he prays for my friends, he prays for my family, he prays.

is there anything hotter than listening to a man talk to God about you, people you love, your future, etc?

6. He is cuddly.

i call him a koala, and then he breaks out into a funny voice saying “kooaa wahhh laa”.

7. He tries really hard to be interested in things I like.

like when I come home from wal-mart with mason jar canisters.

he says “how much were these?”

I say “dont worry, not a lot”

he says “did you need them?”

I say “well kind of”

he says “well then good Im glad you bought them”

8. He loves me without makeup. 

i still like to put it on every now and then, but it is nice to know it doesnt take anything to impress him.  he just likes what God created.  it does crack me up though when I come out of the bathroom with it on and he asks every time, “whats that stuff?” and lovingly tries to brush it off with the caressing of his hand.

9. He asks where the deer friends are.

we’re living at our friends’ cabin in the woods and frequently see a deer family in the yard or in the neighborhood.  he has become so accustomed to seeing them that I think he wants to hunt them.  I tell him to dream on because it is probably illegal up here.  he still asks to see them every day, like I can make them come =)

10. He is such a hard worker.

he wakes up at 5:30am to read before going to work at 8am, comes home from work at 1:30pm, and almost immediately starts on his school work.  although he does take breaks to eat with me and for cuddle time of course.

11. He chose me to be his wife.

just the thought of that makes me grin and I thank him for it a lot.

12. He loves sweets.

maybe more than I do, at least he eats more of them than I do.  so when I peer over the loft and see him getting into our “hidden stash” or the ice-cream and make that clearing of my throat noise and he looks up with his “uh oh, Im caught but declare me innocent” eyes I cant help but laugh.


what kinds of silly things make you smile? =)


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  1. Your blogs make me smile 🙂 I love that you’re married and that you too, have so much joy, peace and love with it!

  2. Thank you Sarah, thanks for making me smile and for helping me see the beauty of God’s word. I’d really like to talk to you about some things one day. Can’t wait for your next entry!

  3. Brittany Thorson

    THIS! especially the part where you said it is like he thinks you can make the deer come.

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