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Washed with the Word.

We’ve been married two months today!  What an adventure it has been already.  I, Sarah, let’s be real… who do you think posts all the blogs? have decided to share a couple things I have learned so far.  In no particular order:

1. Micah is ridiculously easy to please.

While this is true, I still try.  It’s exciting to bless someone that you adore.  For example, we are having friends spend the night tonight so last night I thought it would be fun to sleep outside, like old times.  Old times, being the first month we were married.  So I sure did drag my pillowtop mattress cover into the back of my explorer, put the seats down and made a huge comfy bed.  Then backed my car up as far as I could into the woods.  You have to know my husband 😉

2. God always provides.

Micah is working part time at a histology lab in Mt. Jackson while I look for more of a “career type” job.

3. I am selfish.

Micah doesnt ever tell me so, but I am.  Being around someone 24/7 really shows me who I am and how much more I need to strive to be like Christ.

4. The Gospel.

That’s right.  I thought I grasped it before, I am realizing I will never fully understand the weight and significance of the gospel and I strive every day to try and comprehend that I have been justified.

5. Doctrine and Theology.

Silly, but I used to major on the minors in a way… I think women (not all, just in general) can tend to leave the weighty stuff of the word to the men.  Truth is though if I want to be a mother someday, whether it is to my own biological children or not I need to understand it, live it, and be able to teach it.

6. Things.

I can live without a lot of my “stuff” if I have to.  Most of it has been in the garage since I moved out of the house on Chestnut Dr.  Sure sometimes I miss my decor and little trinkets but I definitely do not need them…

7. Sufficiency of Scripture.

We have read so many good books, heard great advice, etc before and since being married.  Most of it has been extremely helpful.  When it comes to life though, the bible is really all we need.

8. Ministry.

For the last four years I have seen what “ministry looks like” in a church.  So now that I live out in the boondocks (which dont get me wrong, I am extremely thankful for) it is harder for church to be my main ministry.  God is allowing my ministry to be towards my husband.  I love ministering towards him, and it is great to prioritize him right now before we move, get jobs, and life gets busy.

9. Love.

Love within marriage is so so sweet.

10. I am believing more and more that I might be a missionary’s wife.

I’d be lying if I said it didnt terrify me.  I know that my Lord has not given me a spirit of fear but it’s just something I never really thought about for myself, the Lord is convicting me on not having a heart for the lost.  I dont know when or where but I may learn what it is like to “lose my life” at least to America and maybe physically someday for the gospel.  Pray for my mind and heart to be prepared for when and if this happens.

Besides all those things, I am learning to be patience as I look for a job so I can help pay off my student loans. hehe

In Him with gratitude,



Honeymoon Adventure- Last Week

Mt. Rainer

We were only in Rainer for a day and a half so we did a few hikes.  It is beautiful there and although it felt like 90 degrees outside it is still so snow covered!


Oregon Coast

HEY YOU GUYS!  We went to see where the Goonie house is, as well as the beach that it was filmed on because we started out our Oregon journey in Astoria, Oregon and rolled down the coast.  As beautiful as the coast is, it was actually really cold, windy, and dreary 80% of the time we were there.  We slept on the beach one night, which was really fun and then watched the sunset the next night before leaving.  We decided to leave earlier than planned and went to visit Katie and Issac in Utah. 

Crater Lake

We just stopped here on our way to Utah.  The water is bluer than the sky!

Jordanelle State Park

Katie and Issac are going to a home church that was having baptisms the next morning in a state park there.  Everyone was camping the night before so we joined them there.  After fellowshipping with their church community and witnessing three people make a dedication we headed to Salt Lake.

Denver, Colorado

Then we got to head to Denver to see our friends.  Brent, Jimmy, and Dan just got an apartment there so we stayed with them for two nights.  On our first night we watched… The Goonies!  Micah had never seen it, but Sarah prepared him well for it with quotes and character descriptions.  The guys just moved out here from Virginia, two weeks after we were married so it was nice to hang with them since we don’t know when the next time will be.

Chicago, Illinois- Legacy Conference

Micah found this conference months ago and had in the back of his mind if it worked out to go then great.  It was relatively cheap for a weekend conference so we went.  We can’t imagine a better way to end our honeymoon adventure.  We were convicted, challenged, and encouraged in different ways.  Mostly, though we are refreshed and renewed with the word of our Lord and the gospel He had written from before time began.  We just want to know Him so much more.

It has been an amazing honeymoon adventure.  We have grown so close, bonding in unity with each other and our God- truly an unforgettable experience.  We know that the adventure just continues, in different ways of course =)

We’re in Harrisonburg tonight and cannot wait to worship our Creator with our friends at Aletheia Church in the morning!

Life doesn’t exactly slow down from here as job searching, friend’s weddings, and beach trips are in the near future.

Updates may not occur for a little while, as we have many a thank you notes to write 😉