Honeymoon Adventure

I think I am confused on my weeks… being out in creation away from civilization for a while can do that to you I guess.

Anyway, another post on our adventures while there is internet service.

North Cascades National Park, Washington

We stayed here for two nights and had the most beautiful campsite.  Sleeping in the double hammock right on Diablo Lake.  We hung out with the neighbors one night, turns out one was from Seattle and gave us good advice on what to see when we went to the city.

One day we went on a hike to the Cascade Pass.  GORGEOUS.  The whole hike up Micah did an excellent job at trying to learn all my family member’s names, spouses, and children- from both sides.  There is a lot on the Schneider side! =)


Seattle, Washington

So you know how in one post it mentioned how we werent exactly living in luxury… little did Sarah know that Micah had been hoping to get us in a hotel for a couple nights.  Much to her surprise, his friend John gave us some of his points to stay two nights in a suite at Hilton Homewood Suites! Luxury for sure- jet bath, white robes, king bed, fireplace, kitchentte, free food, a walk to downtown, etc.  We are so grateful.

Our first night we went Mars Hill Church, the passage was in Luke and what it looks like to pick up your cross.  It was a very good message and it felt great to be at church.  Oh and how we miss the body! 
One thing we were reminded of is how suffering is often part of the plan for redemption, sanctification, etc.  Suffering was and is part of the ultimate plan.  Our Lord had to suffer the worst, and he knew the plan ahead of time.  If we knew the plan ahead of time would we still go through it?  Probably not, there is a reason our Father dosent give us too much information at the time.  We are to walk by the Spirit, trusting that his plan is always going to be for good (Romans 8:28), no matter what parts of the plan may look like…

Then we went to something called the “Taste of Seattle”.  For all Winchester friends and fam, it was much like midway at Apple Blossom- just way less games and a lot more food.  Then we went to a lookout point to see the sunset on the city with Mt. Rainer in the background.

The next day we walked around the city, went to REI- where Micah bought Sarah a mini expresso maker for camping ;), ate at the Space Needle (which actually rotates in a circle as people eat so there is a 360 view of the city), and checked out Pike Place (with the first ever Starbucks).

yes, I wear the green dress every time we go out somewhere.  it’s the only non-camping clothes I brought.

We are leaving the hotel in a couple hours.  We only have 11 days left of traveling.  Some possible things on our agenda:

– Mt. Rainer

– Oregon Coast

– Olymic National Park

– Legacy Conference in Chicago


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  1. So you went to mars hill huh? Ace and I want to make it out west some time in the near future. Miss you guys. I am loving the blog by the way!

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