Honeymoon Adventure- Week 3

 Glacier National Park

We stayed in Glacier for four nights.  We had no service.  Sorry parents for making you a little worried.

One day we went on a hike to Grinnel Glacier.  Unfortunately, part of the hike was impossible to hike without proper snow equipment so we went as far as we could.  The colors there were amazing.  Maroon, teal, and amber colored rocks- three of Sarah’s favorite colors.  The mountains are different colors depending on how much copper is in them.  The lakes are crystal clear and either dark blue, light blue or teal.

Grinnel Glacier is that big snow spot behind us to the right of the picture.

The next day we went on a hike to Ptarmigan Tunnel. It had 2300 feet elevation gain.  May not seem like a lot but with strong winds it was intense.  On our way down we stopped to watch a mama grizzly friend with cubs.  Fortunately for Sarah they were at a distance far enough for comfortable viewing.  Unfortunately for Micah, animal watching is one of his favorite activities.  The wildflowers that grow along the trail are just beautiful and the mountains here are breathtaking.  There is absolutely no humidity.  We finished the day catching up on laundry.   While waiting, Micah read “The Exemplary Husband” and Sarah read “The Power of a Praying Wife”.

One side.

The other side.

On the last day we hiked Upper Two Medicine and backcountry camped back there.  We met a trio of siblings and hung out with them for a while.  The camping spot even had a pit toilet!  We didn’t think to take a picture but basically it is a Johnny Blue but instead a wooden box, and it has a toilet seat on the wooden bench under which a hole goes deep into the ground.  Bethany (friend we met) made note that we were living in luxury 😉 as most backcountry campgrounds encourage that you “leave no trace”, so you pack it in, pack it out.  Toilet paper and all…  A little more about backcountry camping incase you aren’t familiar with it.  Living in “bear country” means that you lock up all food, utensils, pots, pans, toiletries, etc, anything that has a smell basically.  Bear friends are no longer friends once they want your stuff.  A fed bear is a dead bear because then they associate people with food and will become aggressive.  So to lock up all food there are usually two options, sometimes-just one.  1) A bear box to lock everything in.  It is so tricky to use the bears don’t bother 2) There is a pole or rope or something that campers are to string up their bags and hang them high when not in use.  Not exactly your Country Living Kitchen but that can come later 😉

Our camp spot view.

The campsite was really pretty we were surrounded by mountains, went to sleep to the sound of the lake water crashing against the shore right outside the campsite, and didn’t put the cover on the tent since there was no rain in the forecast.  They call it Big Sky Montana for a reason.  The stars there are incredible.  Nothing like the ones our eyes have for eachother though 😉 

Thanks for following our adventure.  We serve a great King of Creation. Till next time!


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