Honeymoon Adventure- Week 2

Hi!  we miss you all.  Here is a quick update.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

–       Did a bike ride to Jenny Lake with Tim

–       Kayaked Snake River with Tim

–       Kayaked String Lake, ported, Leigh Lake, ported camped backcountry style in a tent at Bear Paw Lake (chili and toasted bagels)

–       Saw moose friends three days in a row

–       Saw bear friends two days in a row

Yellowstone National Park

–       Old Faithful, hiked around the geysers

–       Hammock camped at Tower, made friends with neighbors and played cards (ravioli and peas)

–       Watched a mama grizzly and cubs

–       Saw lots of elk, deer, a big ole bison

Drive from Yellowstone to Glacier—

After hours of what seemed like only mountains, old barns and cabins, a lot of warning signs for a town called Ovando started appearing.  When we arrived we saw that the population there was 50… the public restroom had a sign pointing us toward a Johnny blue. 

Right before hitting rt. 2 we stopped for dinner to have bison burgers!  Also treating ourselves to blueberry cobbler a la mode.  Brodie- Micah listened to you and took me out to eat 😉

Glacier National Park

Shelley, among other friends told us to check out Glacier.  It is beautiful! We will be here for a few days before heading to Idaho.

Our first day we went on a hike and literally hiked some of the time with mountain goats.  One almost rammed Sarah for getting to close (whoops).  On our way back we literally tried to outrun a huge storm coming (our first blast of not so great weather).  Sarah has a hard time running uphill so we had to slow down… and made it about 4 minutes till we hit the end of the trail before it started… and when it started it came hard, fast, and was blowing all kinds of directions.  We were soaked, but so thankful we outran most of it.  We finished the night in the tent with lentils and chickpeas, and wheat bread from Big Sky Montana Wheat.  Yum!

In our driving time we listen to sermons, a lot of Hillsong read the bible, a journal Sarah started for Micah back when they first started courting, and The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan.

We miss our friends and family but are having a blast during this once in a lifetime experience.

PS: Sarah has only worn mascara and chapstick for the last 2 weeks.

till next time!


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  1. Y’all look like you are having a wonderful time! Enjoy every moment!!!!

  2. Love these pictures!

    Next time I’ll be sure to send you with spf15 tinted lip balm!

    Mama Downs

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