Honeymoon Adventure- Week 1

Here is a little run down of some of what our travels have been like.

Starved Rock, Illinois– We stayed at this park as kind of a stopping point.

We needed to get some butter for making sandwiches in this nifty double cast pie iron that mama got us.  we kept seeing handmade signs for “Jack’s camp store” so we follow the cornfields all the way to a house… with a double garage… that is open… and has stuff for sale in it.

A man with a cigarette stain on his lower lip smack dab in the middle from what looked like 60 years of tobacco use greets us, except,  instead of saying hey to micah and I and welcoming us to his “store” he talked to Micah for a good 5 minutes about the kind of oil in his john deere and what could possibly be wrong with it.

We stayed and talked to Jack and Carol (his wife) for a little while before getting pictures with them and heading back to our campsite.  Oh yeah.  They didnt have butter in their store, so they went to their fridge inside and brought back a stick and charged us a buck fifty for it. lol

The next day we went on a hike that was pretty much paved the whole way, so…Micah and I said lets get outta here

Shoshone National Forest- Cirque of the Towers

To get there we turned down a dirt road where we frequently had to stop for cows to cross or just stand there and stare at us.  Eventually we made it to the Big Sandy entrance where people can camp any where you wanted!  Literally, park your car, camper, etc and have fun. The only bad thing was the mosquitos, we went through almost an entire bottle of 40% deet and are totally investing in another bottle, except this time 100%.  We watched the sunset, had a fire and slept in the sleeping bag with the clearest, biggest sky above us- Micah’s dream and Sarah loved it too.

The hike we did the next morning/day/evening was called cirque of the towers.  We didnt really know much about it.  When we called to find out some information the ranger lady told us that we might be able to get over something called jackass path.  The hike was about 5 miles of pretty flat, beautiful trail.  The last three miles were over rocks and boulders, through small streams, and yes, snow.  Sarah calls it the hike of the four seasons because you literally feel like you go through all of them. It is understandable why they call it cirque of towers though.  When you reach the final destination you are literally surrounded by 1,000s of feet of rocky mountain.  It is amazing.  In case anyone was adding up those miles, that is a little over 16miles when it is all said and done.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

We spent our one week anniversary in Jackson, Wyoming.  For the past 5 years, in Warrenton, VA Micah has taken care of the lawn for a really nice couple named Tim & Ginny Brown.  They have a place out in Jackson, WY with I’m pretty sure the most awesome of views.  Its like 30 minutes from the Tetons. We are so grateful for their hospitality.

This morning we listened to a sermon, had brunch with the Browns and some of their family.  Today we were very touristy in town, moseying in and out of shops with cowboy hats on taking pictures.  Which by the way, roommates, (I will always call you that) Micah doesnt mind Eddie Bauer now, because the reasons he hated him no longer apply 😉 we almost even bought a backpack there.  Sarah got a book called “backcountry betty”.  This evening we had dinner with the Browns and watched the fireworks over the mountains- incredible show.

We’re spending the next few days here living in Tim and Ginny’s camper- it rocks.  Some of the things we plan on doing are kayaking in the snake river and Leigh Lake, hiking the Tetons, biking around Jackson, along with some other things.

Our Father is teaching us both a lot.  A few to mention are patience, endurance, unity, and bonding.  We feel like the happiest kids in the world right now.  However, we’re learning how to climb mountains together (literally & figuratively) haha and praying/hoping that when the “real” ones come our way in life we’ll be even more prepared.


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  1. Hey Guys!! Loved reading about how the Honeymoon is going! Can’t wait to read more and see pictures!! Love you both! 🙂


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